Goodbye Ufton Court, hello Riverfront Theatre!

Goodbye Ufton Court.

So, me (Justin) and Antonio went to the AWESOME Thrift weekender. #mli2 MAKE LEARNING IRRESISTIBLE. What an experience! Experienceology. Irresistible Learning. Philosophy for children (P4C), Mantle of the Expert. We learnt it all. In an irresistible way.





These are the principles. The crux of all we should do to initiate, orchestrate and demonstrate Irresistible Learning. 

My mind was well and truly blown by the Tim Godwin, Fowler Sumner collective. So much so I can't really put it into words. 

But if I've perked your interest enough you can check it out here... http://www.fowlersumner.net/chatter/11

The experience of being at Ufton Court hit a personal chord for me. It allowed me to see the child in all of us. I was comfortable and safe within an environment in which I was encouraged to take risks. I ran from strangers, kicked off my shoes and felt grass between my toes, sang and danced, felt "freedome", experienced the impossible, made stuff, saw stuff, heard stuff, spoke stuff, learnt stuff, all at Ufton Court. MLI.

One experience that will stick with me was sharing a room with seven other people. One of whom, John, was a hilarious guy who really let the kid in him shine out. Whilst waiting in our room for a fire drill, we all knew a stranger, a woman who comes to check we're in our room before the drill, would be coming into the room soon. With a juvenile smile brandished across his face and a child like twinkle in his eye he said "Lets freak her out!". What quickly followed was eight men giggling and concocting a trick. We decided to turn all the lights out and pretend we we're conducting an impromptu seance complete with the blood of a virgin.

I've included a video clip of my new hero John below. Perhaps you can see some of the humour and fun he shared tat weekend.


 All the photos and video clips you see are courtesy of FowlerSumner. Please check out the site.

Goodbye Ufton Court.


Hello Riverfront

It seems strange to be back in the Riverfront as we're not in Uni any more. But they've kindly opened there doors and let us into their studio theatre. Which is mightily awesome!

It makes change from having to rehearse in three t-shirts, two jumpers, a wooly hat, gloves, longjohn's and jeans in freezing empty factories or empty shops spaces. It's nice to be making theatre in a theatre... But is it better?! I've sort of been questioning that in my mind today. Do I prefer to perform in theatres or cattle sheds?!

Don't know. We'll see. First day went really well. Keep you posted.


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