Efendurgh Bringe!!!!

Hello from Edinburgh!


Been a while since a Blog, but it seems I'm the only person who Blogs.

Should call me Blogstin.

I've had such an amazing solo experience at Ed Fringe 2011 so far! Has been hectic, and tiring, and stressful, and humiliating, and explosive, and unexpected, but it just wouldn't be Ed Fringe if it wasn't at least all of those things! It's also been; exciting and, informative, and hilarious, and eyeopeneing, and party fun times happy stuff likely... And I've only been here for five days!

I have got such a massive buzz on my body literally only needs a few hours sleep every night! Tonight it may very well need a whole lot more!

But I've met some amazing people, and Albert has come into a world of his own. A very exciting but daunting world. I don't feel that the show was ready for this at all. It needs reworking and rewriting and I'm very nervous about certain people coming to watch!

Nothing can be done.

There is no return.

I could bail.

Break my leg on purpose.

Fall out of the window.

It's open right now.

I'm two floors up.

It's not that the shows going badly... Good audiences... Good takings... Good times... But still... That window...


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