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Thank you so much to everyone who came to watch/participate/experience The Ritual. We had an absolute blast and I feel you're presence and support of our event will have a long lasting affect with both us and our volunteers who made the project possible.

We worked for one week, with volunteer performers, creators and makers. We used an empty warehouse (that's right if you didn't come, I can now reveal the show didn't happen in a forest as most people suspected but it actually happened in a giant warehouse we we're "lent" by Charity Group Healthy Planet) a budget of making which was 300 quid, some hard work and some collaboration. For us to have achieved such a high standard of performance with an almost entirely volunteer led project has been eye opening, and in a way takes us right back to our roots as a theatre company, bypassing the  applying for funding, finding support for the project, contacting the council and searching for sponsors, and just getting on with it! Holding a palm of dirty used cash and saying "Who wants to make something with this?" and the response we had was overwhelming, with over 15 volunteers overall, some students, some old friends some a mixture of the two. It couldn't have been done without you and this part of the blog is for you guys. Thank you:

Dan, Sian, Becca, Luci, Craig, Lorne, Naomi, Steph, Kaitlin, Kate, Ryan, Crista, Phil, Chris, James, Aled, Val, The Riverfront, John Sherwood and of course "The Farg's" Peter (although he's more a member of the company these days).

Big thank you to all who came. Here's some pictures of our time in the Warehouse...

Next up! Dr Frankensteins Travelling Freakshow! Is back on the road. We're visiting some Universities and doing a weeks run in Croydon! HUZZAAAR! More info at the website should you fancy popping along.

Also, in some more very exciting news, in the wake of a violent immersive Halloween show for adults, we're making a soft and fluffy immersive Christmas show for kids. Don't say we're not balanced people. More deets to follow.

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Anyway, time to pop.



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