Found Things (I) - The counter


It should be a day of rest.

Today we met up with Peter our sound guru and laid down some recordings for the Poe work we're doing at the moment. Peter has a way with things that's amazing and refreshing. He remains calm in every eventuality and sees problems as challenges to relish in. His moto; Nothing is impossible. And when your with Peter you totally believe that! "Peter, is their anyway you could make it sound like forty thousand geese packed inside a huge suitcase in the back of a moving volvo estate speaking in tongues almost as if they have elastic bands around their beaks to such an extent that although it wouldn't be impossible for them to open their beaks, it would however be quite difficult. Can you make a sound like that?!" "This is not a problem".

After an eventful & worth while visit to the sound guru's pad, George returned with a bag of treats (because she's a ruddy diamond!) and me and Tone hammered down some lunch on the way to Magor (just the other side of Mordor, yeah we passed Frodo on the way) to collect the final bit's and pieces we keep stored in one of Antonio's grandad's property's.

Inside I found this (Found Things (I) Pictured below) counter set to 0 0 0. I just really liked the look of it. I also like the fact it can only count to 9 9 9. I don't know what it's from but it looks like it attaches to something. All I really know is that at some point it was used to count something! So that's what I'm going to use it for, but the question is this...




Every Cloud - Long Time Coming

Lot's of things have been a long time coming.

 This blog has been a long time coming, but the fact we haven't had many minutes in the day to blog recently is probably a good thing!

 Money coming are way has been a long time coming, and now it seems that's happening too!

 Mice & Men tour proved profitable, worthwhile and rewarding in many, many ways. I'm looking forward to making this tour a regular thing in Tin Shed's calendar, but it did have a bit of a druggy feel. The great feeling you experience when partaking in it, and the crushing depression you experience when you're throwing up your guts the next day. This crushing feeling came in the form of skintery! We'd done all this work and we all ended up skint, the "Shed" (as it were) took the lot! We got paid, yes, but we spent it like a bunch of young reckless monkeys at a naked bananrama auction. Or something like that.

BUT EVERY CLOUD HAS IT'S SILVER LINING! Edgar Allan Poe, Shropshire, Brighton, London, Newport, The Berkoff Connection, The 6th to 7th, then Taxi, then Op Ev, then onwards and upwards and all of it's money making stuff!

This blog hasn't made much sense, but then mine never really do.