Antonio's Point

Well, again, it's been a while, but I can only think our lack of time to blog is a good thing!

But here I am in the back garden of No. 4 (Head quarters... Until George moves next week, then our headquarters will no doubt become her new abode) sucking in some sun before our final run in the cab tonight for TAXI.

We've had two sell-out nights since Thursday and tonight is looking just as promising.

But at the moment TAXI is the last thing on my mind.

Currently on my mind.

Edgar Allan Poe Tour in Sept and special Poe performance in Judges Lodgings Powys.

Finding Funding.

Loosing sunglasses for ten minutes before realizing they were on my head.

Edinburgh Fringe and The Life and Times of Albert Lymes.

Work outside the shed.

So as you can see, we're all pretty damn busy! Still balancing jobs of our own whilst finding the time to all that needs to be done for everything we are doing, which for a small company of three is quite a lot. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm quite proud.

But one thing is on my mind the most at the moment and it's Antonios Point.

We visited Judges Lodgings, a beautiful Victorian house in the middle of Powys where we plan to perform and immersive theatre piece (a further adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories) over Halloween later this year.

Upon leaving Antonio seemed down. I asked him why. He said: "People just don't get how awesome the stuff we get to do is." and although this seems (in writing) a bit big headed, it's really not. The point Antonio was trying to make is that because what we has no "Celebrity" status attached to it people don't appreciate it for what it is... Hard work! When you try and explain Operation Blackbox to someone who didn't venture into the depth of our Alien Invaded Bank, or someone who hasn't taken a cab ride with our three Twisted  characters, someone who didn't get locked in a room with us and write there secrets on our skin, someone who didn't sit in the Hendrick's Horseless Carriage Library at the dead of night listening to and watching Edgar Allan Poe with us will never understand the love and imagination and hard work we put into everything.

Now this isn't a plead to be taken more seriously, or for people to kiss our asses, or even for respect, because we know all those things must be earned, and slowly they are being earned I think. Antonio's Point is although heartfelt... Although heartfelt is ultimately wrong. What more could we want?! We get to work as three very close friends, we get to make a bit of cash (HA!), we get to adventure into little lost worlds and create stories to excite, entertain and petrify people. We get to make theatre happen in the back of a car. We're not on BBC2 or in the pages of the Guardian but every dog has it's day and until that day comes we should just crack on.

Sorry Tone.