Sunday Workday

I continually find myself next to a steaming mug of tea and a computer screen.

Whether I'm writing (9% of the time) working (52%) or reading/viewing/playing utter interwubbish (30%) or waiting for something to load (the rest of the time)(& I may have got the 'work' and 'interwubbish' ratio's a tad wrong) I seem to live half inside my computer.

So today, Sunday, God's day, the day on which it is sinful to do anything but sit permanently still and watch repeats of 80's British Sitcoms, I find myself working. Not hard. I'll admit. But working non the less. Not being paid. I'll admit. But working non the less.

So I thought I'd take time out of it to just promote Of Mice and Men a bit, and tell those 400 people who view this BLOG (or that one person who views it 400 times... Cheers Gayle) wha'gwan at Tin Shed HQ.

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men poster. Designed by Justin usedcliff@gmx.com
Photogrpahy Dafydd Bland at www.eminentphotography.com
This is the poster for Of Mice and Men. I'm always uncertain about using images taken outside of "studios" and "theatre spaces" for posters that promote on-stage, live, performance.But it has a great sense of story to it, and a greater sense of "the journey". I think it begins to tell the story weeks before the audience is sat in their seat, and I like that about it. This poster would be NOTHING without the amazing fingers and eyes of the photographers from EminentPhotography in Cardiff. So have to give them a mention. There link is above, and will be posted at the end of this Blog.

So, oM&M prep is well underway. We're casting our Crooks in three weeks time, which is an addition to the version we toured last year.

But as always (and quite rightly) we have numerous fingers in numerous pies. George flies to Italy to run workshop's in schools next month, and me and Antonio prepare for our slot at Empowers sustainability conference in Swansea on the 8th of February (linked at bottom), but before all that we have to start putting our "Creative Writing" piece for the folks at First Campus together, for their part of the presentation at the Hay Festival, and we're all really excited to be working with Peter Farago again, the immensely talented "Performance Engineer"... I guess that's one thing we could call him, again for this.

I feel a little unconnected with the World at present, and look forward to wading back in to South Wales (predominantly Newport) culture and "the scene man", until my head is fully submerged.

I've also got an Albert Lymes gig coming up in February at Embrace Arts (linked) at Leicester Comedy Festival, which I'm really looking forward to as it's full of new material!

Much Love to all. One week into the New Year. How's it been for you?!

Also have to chuck in a shout for U.R.B.A.N (Un-used Retail Buildings for Art in Newport) is having a massive shin dig on Tuesday. If your around then get involved (again, linked)


Tinius Shedius

Justin Teddy Cliffe


Eminent Photography: www.eminentphotography.com

Empower Sustainability Conference, Swansea: http://www.participationcymru.org.uk/empower-s-sustainability-conference

Embrace Arts, Leicester: http://www.le.ac.uk/embracearts/diary/comedy_e.html

U.R.B.A.N: http://www.facebook.com/justin.cliffe?ref=tn_tnmn#!/URBANEWPORT