Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.....

So I dread to even investigate when my last blog was, I will be utterly ashamed but I know it was some time ago!

Have u missed me avid handful of followers? Probably not!

So Tin Shed News update: We are currently very busy indeed, and have been for the last few months, booking schools and venues for our tour of Of Mice and Men. The actors are cast, the schedules are done and venues are selling out, which I guess is really good news. Accept the impending doom of organisation and hitting the dusty tour road is quit daunting.

I am currently staying just outside of Venice as I do every year for a week of teaching kids English through the medium of drama, interesting concept but it seems to work. They are still convinced I am fluent in Italian and im just lying to them.

Im a bit itchy to get home to be honest as I know theres so much to do and being out here my main mode of communication is email and im not great at that at the best of times. Modern technology tends to pass me by like a fart in the wind until I am forced to use it, and have no other alternative. If it was down to me I would still be watching VCR's and listening to my trusty sony walkman, you just cant beat that clicky sound it makes when u need to turn the tape over.

I have really forgotten the point of this blog all together, I think it was just to say that I hadnt in a while but still had no real reason to.

Ok well I guess thats it from me, if I have anything to say towards the end of the week I'll blog again!

Over and Out!