The Virals Gone Viral

A few weeks ago me and Dafydd Bland of Eminent Photography (linkage below) started chatting about what would make a good piece of viral marketing for Dr Frankenstein's Travelling Freak Show! Which is touring in May later this year (2013).

Of all the ideas we discussed, of all the things we thought we could do/should do we didn't think we'd end up with what we have, but it seems to be working.

Now on 270 views, it's looking pretty cool.

We've worked along side one another for years now, and he's pretty much our go to photographer for all things theatrical. Other theatre companies, take note, Dafydd understands what needs to be shot and most importantly what doesn't. Sticking to the plan and getting a bit Ad-Hawk with things along the way we've ended up with some truley unique, conceptually challenging pieces and ideas which promote our brand and work really well.

So, if you want to have a gander at our video, click the link below!


More news from the Tinesphere soon!



Dr Frankenstein's Travelling Freak Show Grieg Viral

Eminent Photography


Dr Franken-Design

So, we're in March and now it seems all of the work that started in July for Dr Frankenstein's Travelling Freak Show tour in May is finally coming together.

Tonight I've been setting up and events page on SKIDDLE and linking the website with all the box office deers! So it's looking reet o'good!

But I've mainly been working on Photoshop creating some publicity! I'm using images took last year by the awesome Dafydd Bland from Eminent Photography (LINKAGE: http://www.eminentphotography.com) I thought up a new headline that I'm not sure is suitable... "Mary Shelly will roll in her grave..."


Here's some publicity stuff to whet your appetite.

Because in May... The Freaks Are Coming!

If you want to give a few critical points and comments, or any comments for that matter there is a comments section below.

Check out the MAY TOUR dates and venues on the website: www.tinshedtheatrecompany.com

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Notes from a lecture

Yesterday I gave a "careers" lecture at the Uninversity of Newport, South Wales, which, given my current state of affairs, seems a little oxymoronic! But I said yes and I gave the best damn half on hour of wisdom I could possibly lay claim to and lay bare.

Because I am by no means an expert of my trade, and I wouldn't call what I have a career. I'm very much still learning, but making sure I learn something everyday. But 3 years ago now I didn't think I'd have come half the distance I actually have, so all three of us have something to be extremely proud of.

I thought if anyone might be interested in partaking in some of the things I said they could do so here. I think they're good points to consider when making a theatre company. So here are my York Notes...