Light Trap make The Making Of Dr Frankenstein's Travelling Freak Show!

I met Tom from Light Trap films (also a couple of UWNewport Graduates I might add) at a ten day artists residency/retreat WalesLab ran by National Theatre Wales.

He was following people around and filming them, which obviously sounds an odd concept, but it was all in the name of documenting and promoting what was going on.

The video Tom and Sam made was outstanding, so outstanding I ask Tom if he wouldn't mind making something to document and there in promote Dr Frankenstein's Travelling Freak Show and the company it's self.

One day during our rehearsal period the guys from Light Trap came in for a visit and filmed this.

The video was shot in our space inside a disused retail space which is hosted by Healthy Planet and houses a free book shop, and is inhabited by us and the brilliantly wonderful ArtOpsy, Newports biggest Artist Collective. If you keep a keen eye out you can see some of their art work in the background.

Here's the video. Thank you LightTrap.

Check out more of their stuff at this linkage: http://www.lighttrapfilms.co.uk




Edinburgh Fringe Prep

Edinburgh Ahoy!

The Freak Show is making the jaunt on up to Scotland for a 14 day run at C-Nova Studio 1. All the plans we had for action are now being stimulated and carried out and finally we feel the time is right to take Dr Frankenstein's Travelling Freak Show to the worlds biggest theatre/art gathering in the world, world world, universe, and that's a pretty daunting prospect.

Ed Fringe, it seems, should be about two things. Connecting with audiences and connecting with theatre professionals.

With Arts Council Wales supporting us with funding, and the scheme, which is connected to Wales Millennium Centre in partnership with Wales Arts International, Arts Council Wales and the British Council, Wales in Edinburgh is supporting the certain promotional aspects, and has already held a training session to ensure the success of our show.

We're hoping to meet some interesting folk, have fun, make some more contacts, spread the word about Wales based theatre makers, maybe bag an international tour for the freaks, but most importantly we want to connect with audiences and develop our relationships with arts professionals. This sounds like our Arts Council bid, but it is sincerely what we're hoping for. Making theatre in Newport can be a lonely old gig, so any chance to get out there and share the work is always important.

Anyway. If you're going up to Scotland, or if you can be persuaded in any way (and I strongly suggest you allow yourself to be persuaded) then you can check out the thousands of shows, events, live music gigs, stand up, theatre, dance and museum events that will be happening every day of August in Edinburgh right here: https://www.edfringe.com/

We'll be up in Edinburgh performing from the 31st of July to the 13th of August at C-Nova Studio 1 every night at 20:35. We'd love to see some familiar faces, and some not so familiar too.