The Ritual: More Shows Added

The Ritual, The Ritual, The Ritual.

It begins tonight! We've performed to a test audience, we've performed to the press, now it's your turn...

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to explain to people what is going to happen to them during this show, through fear of doing the worst thing I think a show like could suffer from, which is a broken enigma.

Even though British Halloween has well and truly been corrupted by American/commercial influence tattered elements of it's scared remains... remain.

All Hollows Eve is a funny one... Many Christians claim it as theirs, as do certain Pagan sect's (mainly Gaelic Shaman), both disagreeing it's root's lie in some sort of Celtic (influenced) Feast/Celebration, even though that's what most scholars believe to be true, but I think the truth is (according to Wikipedia) that no one quite knows how it started, or at least if they do, they're not telling. Which is pretty mysterious when you think about.

Other Halloween tradition's origins can't be confirmed either; such as pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and apparently the frequently used imagery of witches and black cats, which all adds to an ever evolving mystery, because f**k knows where Zombies, Kinky Nurses and Wheres Wally came from...

So at least we can claim The Ritual has preserved one of the original concepts of Halloween, and that is it's mystery, it's mystic, it's enigma. We're not telling you a thing! We're not telling you where you're going, what will happen or even why, we're dragging you at full speed out of your reality and immersing you into an environment tailored to make you feel scared, intimidated and uncomfortable... Weird isn't it.

It's sold out... But fear not! Because we've added three more dates, this means another 39 tickets are available.

7pm - Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

You can call to book em' here: 01633656757




The Ritual: Clearing The Air.

The Ritual is coming.

We've been working with a group of 14 participants/volunteers on a Halloween project 'somewhere' in Newport.

There is perhaps a little air that needs to be cleared...

When we started this project it was never intended to offend anyone, it wasn't designed to reflect or attempt to portray current events, and for the most part it's not inspired by Newport and is certainly not inspired by any illegal or harrowing activity going on in Newport.

The original concept was born from nothing other than our imaginations. The original publicity was written by myself and again I'll stress was not inspired by current events, or actual happenings in Newport.

We apologise now for any offence we have already caused with our original publicity, which has now been collected and removed from all distribution area's.

However, the show and it's themes have remained the same. It is an extreme portrayal of a fictional cult and it's workings for the purpose of entertainment. It has elements of the supernatural and comical scenes of a dark nature. It has not been made to offend, but we do accept that is the nature of horror and advise it is purely down to peoples own discretion, and we advise you only attend if you are sure you can handle the immersive environment into which you will be put.

We would love as many people to attend as possible, we are making new theatre in Newport, developing as a Newport (South Wales) based company, working with students and local residents who wanted to be involved and hopefully attracting people to the city, growing and building on Newport's Arts & Culture scene. It's a labour of love for us as a company and our only regret thus far is that we seem to have offended people with our initial output. This was a mistake on our behalf and never was our intention.

Sorry to those we've offended.

We still ask the Question: Are you brave enough?





Freaks Storm Voice Awards

So, it was the We Are Voice Awards last night. Local traders, independent restauranters, hair stylists, pubs, clubs and bars, butchers, bakers (and maybe a candlestick maker or two, although I doubt it) all gathered in The Basement, Newport to find our if they have won stuff. So, we were invited along to introduce some Freak Show revelry to it all, which we did happily.

We recruited a few more fellow freaks, including The Moron Ghoul, Margot The Maid and Miss Sangeive Wife with her all seeing all.

All in all we got a mixed response, some people were perplexed and slightly uncomfortable with our presence at the awards, others loved it so much they grabbed us and under duress we posed for photographs with them.

We did a bit of a jig on stage, walked around the audience with a poo on a plate, scared people, read minds, broke watermelons, and flirted with plentiful maidens, then we buggered off into the dressing room to make a new viral which is very likely to offend you, but it'll be hitting the ether at some point this weekend, so keep a keen eye out for that one! :)

After all that we've done over the past two weeks, ComedyPort, National Theatre Wales pitch and garbing as the freaks for the V Awards last night we're not stopping any time soon as we step straight into The Ritual, our immersive halloween experience happening right here in Newport.

Exciting times lay ahead.

Below: Pictures from last night's V Awards, some Ritual info and a picture of a man and a cat.

The We Are Victorian Awards

Julius has found a poo.

Marot The Maid has stolen it. 

Sangieve Wife and her all seeing eye.

The Moron Ghoul trapped in the Crypt

The Pig Faced Boy

Bethilda is radient.

Saaaangieve The Lobster Mind Reader!

The Ritual Viral
Three Performances a night, 30th-31st October 1st-2nd November.
More here:

AAAAAND finally, as promised:



Love Cakes.

Tin Shed Theatre Co.


The Ritual Halloween Experience

The Ritual is coming.

Back in 2010 we created our first "Halloween Theatre Experience" Operation Black Box.

We were given the keys for an empty building in John Frost Square, Newport. We spent two weeks with a group of students from the University of Newport (Now the University of Wales) and we devised our story, an Alien Invasion of sorts.

We opened our doors late one Halloween and were swamped with audiences young and old queuing to experience the piece. We received a 5* review from BuzzMag: READ THE REVIEW 

And since then we've had a urge to do something similar for the people of Newport and beyond.

This year we're at it again.

The Ritual will be an immersive "Halloween Theatre Experience" that invites audiences of 14 people to take a journey with us to a secluded location on the outskirts of Newport.

It will be epic. Horrifying. Daunting. Experiential and hopefully very bloody scary.

I wish I could tell you more, but that would sort of ruin it, wouldn't it.

So instead I'll let you watch this trailer and read the blurb, to whet your appetite some, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: @TheRitual_2013 Facebook: The Ritual and visit our brand spanking new website: www.tinshedtheatrecompany.com

People have gone missing. Vanished without a trace. People think it's merely coincidence, but 'They' know better.

'They' must perform The Ritual. You must attend.

A Halloween Theatre experience like no other.


If you're brave enough...






Today is a good day (sort of apart from the fact that a lot of people a really p*'d off about the mural being torn down...). There are reasons to be happy. It's the Food Festival in Newport today, so the yummy hustle and bustle is back in Port for another year! Not only that! It's the opening to
COMEDYPORT Newport's annual Comedy Festival and we're hosting the Opening Party.

So if you're twiddling your thumbs looking for something to do tonight that's going to be:

1) Awesome.
2) Hilarious.
3) FREE!

Then you should come along to the upstairs of Langton's Pub, Charles Street, Newport.

The Performers Point of View.

The Audience's.

And he's what we have for you tonight:

A fully licenced bar.

An immersive colour-filled cartoon brain.

6 funny 10 minute performances.

Competitions = Prizes.

The line up: Stand up from Dan Rowley, Comedy Performance by Stephen Donnely & Dino Rosiveti, Musical Styling and Stand Up from Sarah Bridgman, Poetry and something a bit different from Benjamin Jenkins all topped off with the magical and mad music of Suzy Conrad: http://www.suzycondrad.com

Up for it?





Hello Today!

So, what's been happening in the Shedisphere?!

Well, judging but the total lack of posts on this Blog it's safe to say... Quite a lot.

We're in the final week of our build for Comedy Port 2013 and we're very bloody excited!

We've got some stella comedy acts for your eyes and ears and we've made you wonderful happy cheery folks a massive human brain to immerse yourselves in and have a good knees up whilst watching some funny stuff, eating some tasty stuff and drinking some drunky stuff. Here's some pictures from the past few weeks...

Time to begin a gruelling task...

The bare bones... Does a brain have bones?


Covered in plasm

Surrounded by plasm

It's very pink, it's very cartoony, it's very fluffy and it's going to be a whole load of fun!

We've got live music, comedy, stand up, theatre, pies, plays and pints, quizzes, prizes, scrabble, arcade games and a whole chock-load more.

Here's a few slices of what to expect next week...

SAT 5th October: 
An evening of comedic variety to kick start Newport’s 4th annual comedy festival, with special headline guests. 
Doors Open 7.00pm

SUN 6th October: 
Join us for Scrabble Sunday, we have a selection of retro board games all cushioned within the soft frontal lobe of our brain. Tea and Cakes provided. Bring a board or just use ours and test your wits against other players.
Doors Open 11am

Monday 7th October:
Late night beats: A selection of mixed media with an eclectic mix of atmospheric beats to accompany the immersive environment of the brain hosted by resident Hungarian DJ, Mr Peter Farago. 
Doors open 9pm

TUES 8th October:
A selection of devised stories, re-told and beautifully animated by the youth of today. If you are easily offended by toilet humour, bogies or tales of mischeif you may want to give this a miss but if, like us, you still find it hilarious then come along, you wont be dissapointed! Proudly presenting The Caerleon Youth Theatre and other guests.
Doors open 5:45pm

Strain your brains as you pit your wits against the other teams to compete in 3 Quizical rounds, with prizes for the winning team you’d be bonkers to miss it. Hosted by Tin Shed Theatre live inside the ComedyPort Brain.
Doors open 9pm

WEDS 9th October:
Cardiff’s own Infini Productions present their hilarious play Adrift : After a failed mutiny, three men are stranded on a piece of wood in the middle of the Atlantic ocean; an arrogant Englishman, an angry Welshman and a simple man from the West country. Together they must do nothing but await rescue, while slowly coming to terms with their probable deaths.
THE PIE: Lovingly handmade by Newport’s very own Secret Garden CafĂ© we present their perfect theatrical accompaniment. Choose between the traditional Steak and Ale or Sweet Potato and goats cheese pies all served with a hearty blob of mash and a lashing of gravy.
THE PINT: A bottle of hearty ale, specially chosen by our beverage connoisseurs. 
£6 (A ticket, includes food and drink)
Doors open 8.00pm

THURS 10th October:
It wouldn’t be a mystery if we told you! Come along and laugh your socks off at our Mystery comedy movie, complimentary popcorn provided.
50p Includes free popcorn
Doors open 10pm

SAT 12th October:
The official Comedy Port Closing Party. Dance the night away with our electric mash-up of live music and comedy joy to celebrate a week of all things funny. Dance the night away in our pop up human brain for one last time.
Doors Open 9pm


Get some laughs in our massive human brain!