Valentines Pie

Happy Valentines Day.

That's right. The only day I manage to find enough time to write a quick Blog Post is Cupid's Day. A day notorious for being: A good day for Lovers, not so good for the Lonely, and although I'm happily in a relationship she happens to be in Brighton and I'm in Newport, so for this day I feel I return to the land of the lonely.

But let's pretend that this day is important, and let's say it's a day that we should "Love". I think routine suggests that which we should love should be another human with whom towards we have romantic affection… But routines are there to be mangled.

So I say use this day for love, but let's not exclude the option to simply love ourselves, or our neighbour, or the postman, or the bus driver, or the smelly kids, the little old ladies, the one winged birds, the rain, the flooded rivers, the mess and the shite. Let's plant a bushel by night time, pretend we have the memories of sunshine, love the roads and the paths and water the ideas we have. Love what's happening with the thoughts of if it's good, that's great, and if it's bad, it will be over soon. And let's love (if we can bring ourselves to do it) Newport. It's getting a battering right now, and one day I hope it will rise the ashes that infest these self-inflicted wounds.

Happy Bloody Valentines Day.

We we're going to use Valentines Day to launch our new performance initiative which challenges individuals, companies, duos, trios, bi-onlyios, writers, poeticitians, word-smiths, axe wielders, painters,  and others to respond to a theme and collaborate with one another to create a night of spectacle and sound which covers a unifying (loosifying) theme. The first "PIE" night was going to be on the theme of LOVE; LOVEPIE.

However we didn't get our fingers out, and it hasn't happened this time unfortunately, but PIE is still in the making, and if you're interested in participating in someway please do get in touch. The next (1st) PIE event will be FUTUREPIE.

Anyway: Something performative and love themed is happening in Newport brought to you by them lot at Complex and Bosch.

Valentines Day Plus One: A Neo-Romantic Discotheque with Benefits.

It looks like it'll be great, and I hear these guys have a track record of pulling off a stonking event at the drop of a hat. They're awesome for Newport.

Check it ouuuuta!

Happy Love Day.