Everything changes.

It's the natural order of the Universe.

 Nothing stays the same. Time ticks on, things grow, things die, things change. Nothing is exempt from this rule, not earth, not air, not space, not people, not nature and not Tin Shed Theatre Co.

 It's with sadness but optimism that I write this blog and finally let everyone know what we've known since February, Antonio is leaving Tin Shed Theatre Co.

 I don't know why the job of informing you about this has fallen to me, but it seems like it has, and like ripping off a plaster, I want to be quick as Antonio will be writing a farewell blog in a month when he's signed off for good (well sort of), so I won't attempt to explain why, or what will become of Antonio (I'm sure he'll be fine), but what I would like to do is explain what will become of 'Tin Shed'.

 Tin Shed Theatre Co. started 5 years ago, and since the day we made it, it has grown and continued to grow into this beautiful thing that we love dearly and that supports us as people and artists, and we hope that for the people we made it for it celebrates, creates, enables, relates, inspires and entertains. When we sat in a bedroom as wide-eyed know-nothings throwing around names and supposing what kind of work we'd like to make I think we all thought it would last forever and never change, but now I think we know a little more than we used to.

 Antonio is/was/has been a fundamental part in getting this company to where it is, without him we would not exist, he is responsible for so much, and his unique mind conjured some of the most amazing things, Georgina and I just hope that we can do him proud in keeping the company alive without him.

 Antonio will lead this years immersive Halloween project, as he did Operation Blackbox all them years ago, his Swan Song if you like.

 Unfortunately Antonio's departure isn't the only news that will see changes in the way Tin Shed Theatre Co. operates. Until now the company has been extremely Newport-Scentric, and Newport as a home has been so good to us, but come the end of this month I will be moving to London to further develop my personal practice as an artist and to develop links between London and South Wales in the hope of establishing an exchange system that can see contemporary Welsh performance showcased in Britain's cultural epicentre.

 The company will still be based in Newport, with part of it operated from London. Importantly we will still create and make work in Newport, with Georgina holding the fort and further developing the community and educational strands, the companies objectives won't change, but it's output will.

We'll keep this boat a float, but we thought we'd just get the news out into the ocean.

We'll be holding a big "See Ya Later" for Tone when all is said and done in a months time, if you're interested keep your eyes on our blog.