Introducing Le Flea (Du Cirque)

A month ago we received an email from Greenman Festival. It was enquiry about a walk about submission George made over a year ago. They were interested in opening up a discussion with us about what we might be able to offer…

GM: “So… Do you have something?”

US: “Ummm… Sort of. We have a tent, and we have an idea of something we’d like to put inside the tent.”

GM: “What’s the idea?”

US: “Well, we’ve always loved the idea of creating a circus”

GM: “Excellent, so you guys are circus performers?”

US: “No”

GM: “Oh…”

US: “But what we want to make is a bad circus”

GM: “A bad circus?”

US:  “A tiny, awful, terrible circus, that’s brilliant because it’s terrible”

GM: “Okay, welcome aboard”

I have to point out this is an entirely fictional gist of our very positive conversations with Green.

But after a bit of emailing back and forth, some drawing, some thinking, some mending, some convincing we gathered a group and organised an impromptu photo shoot with Eminent Photography.

We’re not the kind of company to sit on our mitts, when we have an idea we act. However, through this process of development I have learnt something about us. We’re a very responsive theatre company. We tend to need an injection, a destination, a tangible ending before we really become motivated to make.

So in responding to an offer, we have been on a rapid quick journey toward a creative destination.

Le Flea Du Cirque has become a cheese-injected-caotic-ever-moving-miniature-circus-diorama that encompasses everything vintage and classical whilst focusing on beauty of the art forms that exist within. We pastiche the world of the all American Circus whilst paying homage to our stylistic roots in French Clowning, German Expressionism, the art of Tom Foolery and our own brand of noise and cartoon violence.

Look out Greenman, our teeny tiny fun packed circus is coming for you.

We hope that if you’re attending you can pop in and catch a marshmallow in your mouth.

Below is a splurge of all we've been doing...