We're On Platfform

Hello dear reader,

On this beautiful Autumnal Sunday evening I write to you from the mind of Tin Shed Theatre Co.

To fill you in, keep you posted and blow the dust off this crusty old blog.

Where have we been? Busy.

What have we been doing? Loads.

This summer was long and erratic and eclectic. We saw ourselves undertaking a whole host of work from personal to educational, community driven to commission based. We got to work with a whole host of artists, non-artists, actors, young people and festival goers. It was glorious. I'll take you through the highlights (so to speak) before moving on to an announcement we've been dying to make!

Le Flea Du Cirque

Our seminal music festivals work Le Flea (Du Cirque) got a big cash injection, and an overhaul both in performancely and through beautiful set design, as we worked with the WONDERFUL DOESN'T DO HER JUSTICE Theatre Designer, Camilla Blair, who took on the arduous task of turning our tiny circus tent into a wonderspace of pure joy and imagination.

Performing at The Big Splash Festival, Newport, and at Greenman Fest 2016: Both truly soul-filling experiences. Thank you to The Riverfront and the Greenman team for your ongoing support and commitment to our work.

HATCH: Sumer School

Earlier this year we launched HATCH our own brand of weekly Youth Engagement for young people interested in creating theatre. Running a HATCH Summer School out of The Riverfront in Newport, we saw record breaking attendance resulting in two awesome performances that included participants from the age of 5-19 working across disciplines to create unique work.

If you want more information on HATCH then click here.

A New Creation

This possibly isn't a highlight, but it was a moment of pure play for us, when we were given the opportunity to create two new characters for the Arts & Education Network South East Wales networking event at The Riverfront.

Sue and Susan want to assist you with your networking needs. With a host of ridiculous questions such as "Would you rather fight a bear or a shark?" and "Did you know the Dalai Lama is not an actual lama?" they match you with other delegates based on your compatibility.

We're excited about these two and already have "Sue and Susan's Social Mixer" on the drawing board for Valentines Day. Watch this space.

Now for the announcement.

We are so pleased to be able to finally say we have been accepted on Theatre Iolo's Platfform Scheme Year 2.

You can check out a little more here.

We will be in residency at The Welfare theatre in Ystradgynlais creating a piece of original work for young people... and at this stage, that is literally all we know.

It's so exciting to be involved in a development scheme that feels not only completely authentic, but un-auteured. We are the holders of our own process, exploration, outcomes and ideas, whilst having an immensely talented and supportive team behind us. After some initial meetings with a few of the Iolo team, and two days watching some brilliant works in progress at The Egg, Theatre Royal Bath, we feel utterly inspired and honoured to be a part of it.

As a company we have been commissioned numerous times to make work for young people, and have occasionally done so ourselves from necessity to stay afloat. Each and every time we have made work of this nature, it has been heartfelt and impassioned, but never truly free to be detached from external design or demand. Now, here, with Platfform we find ourselves a little overwhelmed with possibilities, but completely exhilarated by the possibilities.

That's all for now.