Apocalypso - Job Opportunities

We are really excited to be able to open applications for four separate vacancies to be part of our already wonderfully eclectic creative team.

We're looking for three Performers and a Creative Promoter to join our team as we begin to hatch plans for our immersive comedy-horror experience/last bar on earth in The Riverfront Basement.

If you're interested at all then please read more below and click the Brain In The Jar or Trumps Stupid Fucking Face for more info about each role:

We are currently seeking to invite talented and like minded individuals to The Riverfront, Newport on the 18th April to interview for the role of a Creative Promoter.

 Funded by Arts Council Wales, with support from The Riverfront Tin Shed Theatre Co. will be working for five weeks in The Basement; devising, creating, and ultimately producing, Apocalypso, a play about the end of the world, asking brilliant creative professionals to join us in creating, promoting and generating a buzz around this whole process.
To  read more about this opportunity, please click The Brain In The Jar above.

 We are currently seeking to invite a group of fifteen performer/devisers to The Riverfront, Newport on the 17th April for an open workshop-audition.

 Funded by Arts Council Wales, with support from The Riverfront Tin Shed Theatre Co. will be working for five weeks in The Basement; devising, creating, and ultimately producing, Apocalypso, a play about the end of the world, asking three brilliant performers to join us for three weeks of that process.
With contemporary and experimental practice in mind, we are looking to work with three like-minded and talented performers who will be responsible for the creation of a Greek-Chorus/Family Band On Acid to accompany our two main protagonist characters.
This casting is for anyone over the age of 21+ and is open to anyone of any physical ability. Furthermore this is a blind casting call, so please do not feel it necessary to submit any personal or descriptive information except your first name. This would include not submitting a headshot or an online actors profile such as Casting Call Pro (unless you deem this to be your Professional CV).

To  read more about this opportunity, please click Donald Trumps Stupid Fucking Face above.



Four Things

Four Things

We are  very excited to announce all of the wondrous, ballsy, inclusive, experimental and bold new work we've got coming up; all of which is happening at The Riverfront.

For years now The Riverfront and Tin Shed Theatre Co. have been working together closely, and now we take some bold steps to begin working side by side.

Here they are in bite size chunks with links so you can check em out!


The Rabbit In The Hat Cabaret

This Easter, whether you plan to crack open some chocolate eggs, praise Jesus, or swig a few drinks with friends we implore you do it with us at LIVE @ THE BASEMENT!

Following on from Sue & Susan's Social Mixer & The Love Is Dead Cabaret, we invite you to join us for a raucous night of cabaret, magic, burlesque, tomfoolery and live music.

As always there will be some amazing acts of comedy and wonder as well as a chance to win the top prize at our patented ‘Mystery Bingo!’ hosted by a very special guest.

All this, topped off with some amazing live music… What more could you want?

Saturday 15th April at 9pm
Basement Space
The Riverfront, Newport

GET INVOLVED: Drop us an email with the subject heading: RABBIT HAT to enquire about getting involved.


Supported by
Arts Council Wales & The Riverfront


In a dystopian future a city lays ruin as a half-chicken-half-man clucks, struts and clambers over piles of smoldering debris, as his gas masked companion sifts, shifts and lifts large chunks of rubble in search of lost relics, packets of m&m’s, and rare objet d’art.

Together this twisted pair run Apocalypso; the last bar on earth. Here the whiskey tastes like petrol, the toilet bowls give birth, and the party must never end. The bar is stocked, the end is nigh, and soon they’ll meet the man who caused it all.

Tin Shed Theatre Co. invite you to join them at the end of the world for an evening of post-apocalyptic mayhem that is part theatre performance, part gig, part free-bar.

Blending cult-iconography, the spews of their imagination and pickings from modern politics, Tin Shed create their own bleak vision of the future, in an attempt to question the decisions of the today.

Utilising their usual assertion of macabre humour they present something reminiscent of Mad Max surgically spliced with Waiting For Godot.

An immersive horror-comedy experience like no other.

19th - 23rd June at 8pm
Basement Space
The Riverfront, Newport

Apply to join the cast: Are you a performer interested in being involved in making new and exciting work? Then apply here: APOCALYPSE APP



Stories Of Us

Sometimes I wonder…
Maybe one day…
What might come…

A group of seven to twenty one year olds would like to share their stories with you, in an evening of performance from the young people of HATCH.

Exploring themes of love, loss, joy, and wonder these talented young minds will present three short plays in one evening of delectable, contemporary performance that champions the imagination and commitment of young people.

HATCH is Tin Shed Theatre Co’s drama class for young people with an interest in performance art and theatre making. We offer an alternative to the usual extra-curricular drama opportunities available to young people, with a focus on devising and performing contemporary theatre.

15th July – 7pm - 9pm 15th July
The Studio Theatre

Special Offer: Five tickets for £15



Summer School
Ages 1-12 & 13-18

Tin Shed Theatre Co. present a fun and creative week long set of activities, including game play, live performance and storytelling. The summer school is a great way to give children and young people a place to express themselves, build confidence, make new friends and have loads of fun. There will be a performance for friends and family at the end of it all.

21st - 24th August 1pm - 4pm

Thanks for reading.