APOCALYPSO: Let's be Frank...

Hello Frank...

Okay, so your name might not be Frank, but we're gunna need you to be frank with us for just a short little while.

As we sit back, breathe a tired sigh, and feel the warm and lovely reverberations of four weeks hard-theatre-making, we'd love you to help us out by filling in a really important survey.

It's not difficult to notice that in Wales, not many people say un-nice things about peoples work... To their faces, but loads of us tear a piece apart behind closed doors (admit it). I for one know I'm guilty of saying "Oh, I really liked it, well done" when in reality I was searching under my seat for a make believe gun to shoot myself in the face and end the bitter misery of being in a darkened room with bad theatre for over an hour. I'd never say that to anyones face, I'm too nice and the scene is too small to make those kinds of caustic vibrations. However, we feel like we gotta toughen up, we need to open the door to criticism of all kinds from artists, critics and most importantly our audiences.

As we were performing Apocalypso this week I saw audience members staring at me confused, perplexed, aghast and (in the case of one rather hench looking dude) really, really angrily, but online and to our faces we've naturally heard nothing but good news, because lets face it, people are generally nice and nice people find it hard to say bad things...

So without further ado, we offer you your secret neg space: APOCALYPSO: Thoughts, Feelings, Opinions.

By clicking the link above you can anonymously give us feedback and criticism. We haven't bombarded you with a million multiple choice questions. Just one. WHAT DID YOU THINK? We want the good, the bad and the ugly.

This is our attempted to open a dialogue with the people who invested time and money into our work. We made it for you, so please help us. Click it and tell us what you think.