We're Looking For A Director

For the past year we've been working as Platfform Artists with Theatr Iolo, and so far our residency has been a very strange and wonderful thing. Starting off with some intentionally vague, and loose parameters we have explored a plethora of subject matters, created one off performances pieces in restaurants and bars, visited gardens and grave yards, and talked to a lot of people (young and old) in Ystradgynlais.

Now at the end of our first full year we are looking to collate our research, and hone the work towards some sort of sharing with 8+ audiences, at The Welfare, in February, and for this we'd like to work with a Director.


Over the past 7 years we have devised and created new work, in which we have almost always simultaneously directed and performed. Now with the support of Iolo, and with the specific intention of making work for a younger audience, we want to use this as an opportunity to forge a new and exciting link with a Director, who we feel, could bring a lot to the table.

Our reason for wanting to do this stretch beyond Platfform, as we begin to put into place a long overdue development strategy for our company. We want to explore new and more interesting ways of making work by opening ourselves up to the creative impulses of others, and collaborating with expert practitioners who can guide (and perhaps wrestle) us into new and more interesting places.

Coming towards the end of our Platfform residency, we are looking to work with a Director for three weeks leading up to a sharing, at the Welfare, on Fri 23rd of February. The work is currently titled BOXES, and is an exploration of life, death, grief and loss that aims to be both a beautiful pocket of chaos and celebration, as well as an honest and meaningful conversation between us and our audiences of young people.


BOXES is the working title for our imagined piece of immersive theatre for young people. With a long term vision to create a piece of touring work that will be staged in unusual and atypical spaces, we want to reach audiences that wouldn't typically visit the theatre.

At the moment the work mainly concerns its self with loss, asking where do people go when they die and what fills the space they leave behind, whilst exploring our personal rituals and practices that ensure the memories of our loved ones continues to exist. It's an act of remembrance and celebration, that attempts to at least have a conversation with young people about death, in a culture that is seemingly so afraid that.


- Someone who is (or can quickly get) familiar with our work.

- Someone with experience in creating work for younger audiences.

- Someone whose practice and working methodology aligns in some way with our own.

- Someone with experience creating and working with/in a devising ensemble.

*Someone with puppetry/movement/dance/clowning experience would be awesome.


- Someone who can plan and facilitate physical rehearsal sessions of play, improv, spontaneous creation and experimentation.

- A keen outside eye to spot pockets of potential, whilst enabling us to polish and hone our chaos.

- Someone who is confident enough to be active as an unseen member of the ensemble, working with and along side us throughout our rehearsal process.

- Someone who will enjoy the challenging prospect of exploring, experimenting and creating bold new work for young people, that takes risks and stands outside of the normal audience experience for what might be considered "typical" work for 8+ audiences.

*Someone who can do some yoga with us would be cool.


- Please consider carefully what the work is about (description above), and whether or not it is truly something you want to involve yourself with, and work on. We're passionate about what we do because we do what we want.

- The work will take place at The Welfare in Ystradgynlais.

- The schedule can be  flexible; should you have other obligations either with other work, or in your personal life i.e if you're an art parent.

- This is a temporary contract, and at the moment is simply and opportunity to work with us on this specific R&D, there is no guarantee of work on the project in the future.

- The position will be fully paid, above equity minimum rate including a small bursary for travel.


At the moment we're just looking for expressions of interest. So if you have read the above and would like to talk to us more about the opportunity please email: tinshedtheatre@gmx.com with the subject heading BOXES with an expression of interest and an up to date CV, including any links to examples of your work.


Justin & George