Return Froth Edinburgh

Well, I'm back. But not back, back.

Shropshire back. Back in Shropshire. My home, but not Tin Shed's headquarters.

Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Edinburgh.

Too much to explain, but made some good connections and made some life-long friends I think. Being back feels like a shock to the system. I want to go and see live stuff all the time!

If you haven't been my advice is this...


Even if you don't like theatre, you can watch a verity of live music, comedy, sketch shows, go to galleries, go to openings, cinema in fact... There is something for everyone. If you go and you don't like it, you are a gimp.

That's my humble opinion.

I stand by it.

I'm on a bit of an "excitement come down".

Working on my own was a really exciting experience! You take the whole of the praise and of course the criticism so it's a hard thing to bare. But without responding to that we don't learn and we don't grow. If we do experience it and it's a mixture of both those things then I think something purer can come, but it can destroy you too! It can make you self conscience, depressed and self deprecating! I had hands on experience of that, and if you read this, then you know, and I hope your better. I'm looking forward to my next solo venture, if it'll make it to Edinburgh is another question, but it'd seem silly to not take what ever it may be up with Poe.

But I share Georges sentiment, even if it made her throw up. I can't wait to get back into the creative arena with other people and squash some ideas out.


RAAAARGH! So excited!




Well readers, I have been suffering from Blog-a-phobia. It is a nasty viral infection that renders your fingers completely useless thus enabling me incapable of writing a Blog.

THAT IS A BIG HUGE LIE! I have just been really really lazy. But, im making up for it, turning a corner, picking up a massive leaf and flipping it to the other side. So what have I been up to thats been so darn interesting that it has stopped me from coming into contact with my laptop for over a month? Well, where to I start......

I went to france, that was fun. We dressed antonio up in womens clothes and got very drunk. I spent a total of 36 hours in a car with Antonio and our other rather 'heavy set' friend Tom, which, at the start, was a rather fun idea as we embarked on driving to and from the South of France.
I remember before we left, words cropping up in conversation like 'Road Trip' and 'Epic', I had images in my head of those films you watch when your a teenager like American Pie, where they all pile into a soft topped Cadillac, the sun beating down as they cruise along the beach, their hair blowing in the wind. It actually went a bit like this....
We started off really chatty, the boys fell asleep, it went from night to day, we had no music because 2 years ago my 8 year old brother thought it would be a good idea to fuse the CD player by using it as a post box for coins, The length of Toms legs prevented either myself of Antonio from having ANY leg room, we completed the contents of our packed lunches within 5 hours of driving, NEVER i repeat NEVER try and have a poo in a french service station 'hole in the ground' toilet. I will say one thing, if its a No.2 DONT aim for the hole, lesson learnt. The car got hot, it started to smoke, but we got there, and back, and that was france. All in all, a great trip.

I returned home to the absence of my boyfriend, or should i say 'live in maid', to find the house looking a little ragged.
I noticed after a week of being back that there was an interesting smell coming from the kitchen, I hunted said smell and narrowed it down to the cats litter box which, to be honest, I have nothing to do with. Its just one of those things I never touch, for all i knew it was self cleaning.
I should mention at this stage that the litter box in question is not your regular litter box but in fact a kind of 'shitty kitty igloo' with a door flap that almost looks like a feline space ship.
So back to the point, I unclipped the lid to the 'Turd house space pod' and unleashed what could only be described as the scent of the devil himself, I had indeed found the source of the smell.
Since my live in maid had taken a leave of absence to the country my little feline friends had been stock piling their waste. Now,  the turds that I found in the box had actually started to grow fungus, they no longer took the shape of your average cat jobby, but now looked more like an oversized collection of caterpillars having a meeting in a graveled yard!
I was shocked to say the least, I got straight on the phone to my Maid and asked her what on earth was going on? She proceeded to hurl abuse at me down the phone reminding me that she, was indeed my boyfriend, and not my maid or man servant and to clean the f**king thing myself!

I tried to fire her.....It didnt work.

No, In all seriousness its been way too long since the creative part of my brain has been used for anything other than reading beer mats and its starting to itch, so i am very much looking forward to being a Tin Shed Trio once again and getting back on the rehearsal room floor.
When you spend so much time with people you dont tend to appreciate them as much as you should, so in essence its good to have time off, to re-group your thoughts and organise your life, because, when you do get back together, its like a little box of fireworks waiting to be lit.

'bbbblleerrgghhh' (She vomits on the living room carpet) Shit, that was deep! Ok Im done now.

And vow to blog more often so I can write in more digestible chunks.

Au revoir et bon nuit. x


Efendurgh Bringe!!!!

Hello from Edinburgh!


Been a while since a Blog, but it seems I'm the only person who Blogs.

Should call me Blogstin.

I've had such an amazing solo experience at Ed Fringe 2011 so far! Has been hectic, and tiring, and stressful, and humiliating, and explosive, and unexpected, but it just wouldn't be Ed Fringe if it wasn't at least all of those things! It's also been; exciting and, informative, and hilarious, and eyeopeneing, and party fun times happy stuff likely... And I've only been here for five days!

I have got such a massive buzz on my body literally only needs a few hours sleep every night! Tonight it may very well need a whole lot more!

But I've met some amazing people, and Albert has come into a world of his own. A very exciting but daunting world. I don't feel that the show was ready for this at all. It needs reworking and rewriting and I'm very nervous about certain people coming to watch!

Nothing can be done.

There is no return.

I could bail.

Break my leg on purpose.

Fall out of the window.

It's open right now.

I'm two floors up.

It's not that the shows going badly... Good audiences... Good takings... Good times... But still... That window...