Come walk with us...

We're going for a walk around Newport, and we'd love it if you came along.

NIA (Newport International Airspace) have given us free reign to take a group of willing people on a late night stroll around Newport.

Unfortunately with all of our touring theatre escapades coming up, we'll be a Georgina down, and what with us permanently Antonio down, that leaves me. So when I say we I mean me. It's a lonesome prospect I'll admit.

I will be taking people on a walking tour of Newport, travelling back almost a decade ago to when I first moved to the city as a student.

Gareth has been telling people it'll be an excellent evening of fine artery. It won't be.

I will be your Student Union Rep leading you to all the hollow husks of buildings that were once inhabited by midnight revellers and party junkies like me. Linking each location with spoken word, and causing some beautiful mischief along the way, we will be sharing boozy tales and leaving something behind for Sunday morning.

So come along and walk an 8 year old memory.

This Saturday. 7.00pm outside the Murrenger in Newport.

We'll be cosy and warm back at the Murrenger an hour or so after that.

It'd be lovely to see you there.

Click here for more comprehensive event info: CLICK HERE


Justin Cliffe


Ticking Two Boxes for Work In Progress

Two processes of working and making and showing back some not so fully formed ideas [/]

The beginnings of this year have been hectic in the best possible way.

Working on a few projects simultaneously and adjusting to the company running with two we've had to go above and beyond to get some stuff done, but are hellish proud to say: mission accomplished.


At the end of January we worked for 6 days and shared a rough work in progress, a step towards an idea that is called Hotel Limbo. It started life about one thing, and became almost entirely another. The relationship between the two, still strong.

On Saturday morning I received an envelope from The Bristol Old Vic full of our audience feedback. Some of it positive, some of it negative, some of it hugely helpful and very constructive. Receiving these in-depth writings and thoughts really does help inform the work at this early stage. It allows us to determine what an audience see's and understands, as well as what they appreciate... Or don't appreciate. All in all, Ferment Fortnight was a beautiful foray into the Bristol theatre scene for us, and hopefully that relationship will continue to grow.

Below are some photo's from our technical rehearsal in Bristol Old Vic:


So, in February we held our own development scheme, and we opened the doors of The Project Space to emerging Welsh artist Dino Rovaretti.

Working for a solid week within the space, he performed his work in progress to an audience of 30 people last Tuesday. The night was a huge success, the conversations flowed and Dino was really happy to receive so much thoughtful feedback.

As a company we're looking for support in funding Molecule as a perminent venture that takes place in Newport, and if anyone can help us with this that'd be amazing.

We will hopefully be opening applications to the next Molecule in a month's time. If you'd like to receive an email notification when applications open up click here: MOLECULE

Huge thanks to NTW: Team, The Project Space and The Riverfront for their help, support and helpful conversations.

We'd also just like to thank everyone who supported us in some way on both these ventures. To the folks who travelled many miles for 20minutes of Hotel Limbo, to anyone who attended Molecule, or even shared a post on Facebook. We're looking forward to 2015 in Newport.


Justin Cliffe


Molecule Update 3 - A Three Question Interview

Dino Rovaretti is young artist who is Newport born, Falmouth trained and Bristol based, currently making work as an individual and part of performance trio The Daughter's Of Albion. For the past 10 days we have given Dino space, time, money and support as part of #Molecule a Performance Development Scheme we hope to  continue in order to support performing artists and the creation of new and exciting performance work in Newport.

Ahead of his work-in-progress sharing tomorrow, we ask Dino a few questions:


Dino Rovaretti - Made Of Paper

Can you describe your idea in less 5 words?


How have you found it being Molecule's guineapig (so to speak)?

-It's been a really good opportunity to set time aside to work solely on one idea. Having the space and mentor support to develop a show is totally invaluable, especially when working in a solo format. 

At this early stage, what do you hope to get from sharing your work with an audience?

- I'm going to present a finished piece, but I am aware that after a week in a space there is still a lot that could be developed. I hope to give an audience a sense of my performance style and the story I am sharing. Using my medical notes as the starting point when devising this piece is really a personal thing, it anchors the piece in a self-evaluating mode but whilst I invite the audience to get lost in the story of a boy and his teddy bear I'd like the piece to open a dialogue about wider questions around the body,medicine, and narrative in contemporary performance.


Today and tomorrow we'll be preparing The Project Space for Dino's sharing.

Downstairs there will be a bar, some live music, a new gallery exhibition to wonder around and a chance to have a chat before going up stairs and seeing Dino's work. Afterwards we will be openly encouraging people to fill out feedback forms and share their thoughts on Molecule's first outing and Dino's Work-In-Progress.


Tuesday 10th Feb.

Doors at 7.30pm

£3 (with a free glass of wine or beer)

The Project Space Newport.


Tin Shed Theatre Co.


Molecule Update 2 - Dino Rovaretti - Made Of Paper

Here's some images of Dino and Riccardo (the performing teddy-bear) taken by Newport's very own Art-Aficionado Fez.

Catch his work this Tuesday 10th Feb.

Doors at 7.30pm

£3 (with a free glass of wine or beer)

The Project Space Newport.




Molecule Update 1 - Dino Rovaretti - Made Of Paper


It's not long until Dino shares with an audience his work so far.

He's worked all this week putting the meat on the bones and bringing ideas out in The Project Space with support and peering from us lot at Tin Shed.

Here's a blog from Dino:

If you want to see his work and share some thoughts, please check out the event details below:


10th FEBRUARY - 7.30pm

£3 (with a free glass of wine)

The Project Space

Unit B 147 Commercial Street


NP20 1LN